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‘N Style Girls

Published August 25, 2016 by discontinuedtoylines

'N Style Girls‘N Style Girls were a series of interactive fashion dolls manufactured by Thinkway Toys and released in 2001.

The dolls resembled Mattel’s Barbie, but they can talk and also can sing, The dolls recognized their own outfits and other clothes as well. They also came with accessories such as makeup, barrettes, a music player with headphones, a purse and hair brush. Each doll also came with a extra outfit. There were 4 different dolls to collect.

Not much information is giving about the characters’ names, but one of the character’s name is Nadine (African American).


The dolls didn’t sell well and as a result, Thinkway Toys discontinued them.

The dolls were easily forgotten after they were discontinued and they are very hard to find. Try your luck to find them and i’ll give more information on them.

(Updated on 8/22/2017)