Moxie Teenz

Published January 15, 2017 by discontinuedtoylines

moxie-girlz1Moxie Teenz were a line of fashion dolls released by MGA Entertainment in 2010. The brand was a companion line to MGA’s other brand “Moxie Girlz” and were made to compete with Spin Master’s Liv dolls which were released a year before.

The four main characters from this line are Melrose, Arizona, Bijou and Tristen. They were portrayed as college girls.

The dolls are 14 inches tall and they have poseable joints, they also have interchangeable wigs.

The dolls did well during their launch and they were promoted by Stardoll and Nickelodeon. Fashion packs and Wig packs were later released.

5046582bmt2bgroup2bfw2b06a-11In Spring of 2011, the second wave was released.


Later in 2011, The Formal Line was released, the line also introduced two new characters named Gavin and Leigh.

After that, not much was released from the brand until 2013 when MGA released re-release versions of the first edition dolls.

Nothing has been released since 2013 and it appears as if Moxie Teenz are discontinued.

The dolls have been popular among collectors and are really expensive on eBay and Amazon, selling between $45-$274.

A link to the Offical Moxie Teenz Youtube channel is here (despite the fact that no new videos have been uploaded since 2011) :

(Updated on 6/7/2017)









2 comments on “Moxie Teenz

  • Found a Melrose without her wig, but she’s fully dressed with her black boots, jeans, and her jacket vest with the pink fur collar.
    I sure hope someone will respond, and help me out with more information. I need to get her wig.
    Thank you.


    • Mindy I will look and see what i have as far as a wig. I own 5 of this dolls and love them all. i do have two fashion packs and one or two accessories pack to sell on ebay I have not yet posted. You can email me and I will look to see over the weekend if I can find you a wig. Emal me an i will send you pics of what I have to sell for these girls. I have tons of wigs as we have Liv dolls, Pullips and Blythe as well as so Ellowyne dolls which all use wigs …oh and monster high dolls were big when my daughter was young so we have tons of those we used wigs from various dolls to make our own custom dolls. I have a Moxie teen wig stand so I am sure I have an extra some place.


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