Diva Starz

Published August 10, 2016 by discontinuedtoylines

1Diva Starz were a series of fashion dolls released by Mattel in 2000. The dolls were robotic interactive dolls that came with interactive accessories and plastic clothes. Each doll is approximately 9 inches (28 cm) tall, and also had ethnic diversity. The main characters of the brand were Summer, Alexa, Tia and Nikki. The dolls were inspired by the Spice Girls, since the pop group had lots of diversity. The characters also had distinctive personalities. For example, Alexa was a stereotypical blonde who loves to shop and wears mostly pink clothes, Nikki was the tomboy who loves sports. Summer loves the outdoors and loves animals. As for Tia, She loves to create music and loves electronics like radios, CD players and digital planners.


The website that accompanied the brand launched a month before the dolls were released. The website had interactive games and also had webisodes. Mattel also released fashion packs for each individual doll. Mattel also released a CD-ROM Game based on the line.


When the dolls first came out, Mattel thought that the dolls would flop. However, they became very popular and were named “Mattel’s Hottest Girl Toy of 2000” and were a big hit with girls between the ages of 6-11. Mattel released mini versions of the dolls called “Mini Diva Starz”.


In 2001, Mattel released the 2nd series. The 2nd wave dolls had new clothes and new phrases. New Fashion Packs were also released.


A game based on the brand called “Diva Starz: Mall Mania” was released in November of 2001 for the Game Boy Color. The game received negative reviews from critics, Who criticized it for being too easy.  McDonald’s Happy Meals toys were also released.


In early 2002, The brand’s sales were starting to struggle, due to the introduction of MGA’s Bratz. Though Bratz were released in May of 2001. Though they didn’t become popular until the Christmas season of 2001. As a result, Mattel released Fashion Diva Starz that year. While generally identical to the original dolls, these dolls have clothing made of fabric, and were thinner and had more accurate proportions. Also, the dolls would speak recorded phrases when a button on the top of their heads is pushed. Original character Summer was replaced with new character Miranda.

Unfortunately, The line’s popularity fell drastically and after 3 lines for the fashion dolls, Mattel discontinued the Fashion Divas. The interactive dolls were still on shelves, but sales were still decreasing. Eventually Mattel discontinued the brand altogether in 2004.

The dolls became popular among collectors after they were discontinued. With most of the dolls mint in box ranging from $25-$220.



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